Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

2022– Construction Grammar : a cognitive approach to linguistic theory (year 2 postgraduate research seminar).

2022– Syntax and semantics: English noun and verb phrases (year 3 undergraduate/year 1 postgraduate) .

2022– English phonetics and phonology (year 3 undergraduate/year 1 postgraduate).

2022– Literary translation, English to French (year 3 undergraduate/year 1 postgraduate).

2022– Speech transcription and interpreting, English to French (agrégation) *Jehanne Eveno

2022– Literature, history, and art document analysis (agrégation) *Sara Watson

University of Paris

2019– English grammar: NP and VP structure (year 1 undergraduate) *Tonya Bondarenko, Alesssandro Basile

2020 English grammar: sentence clause structure (year 1 undergraduate) *Victoria Hanchett

Previous teaching-related jobs before university

2019 Undergraduate-level course in Linguistics on the British platform Tutopia (London). A generative introduction to the basic modules of grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax, etc).

2016–2017 English as a foreign language: Introduction to Literature, History, Philosophy, and Linguistics. Courses on the French platform Livementor (Paris). 250 hours with 14 pupils from primary to undergraduate level. Average rating: 5/5.

2013–2016 Youth worker at the youth centre of Coye-la-Forêt (Picardie, France). Nursery & primary age groups.