I am a French and Scottish temporary Lecturer at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and PhD student at the University of Paris–Cité.

My research focuses on the following topics:

My work is supervised by Agnès Celle (University of Paris–Cité) and Graeme Trousdale (University of Edinburgh). The labs I am affiliated with are CLILLAC-ARP at the University of Paris–Cité and Labex EFL at the University of Sorbonne Paris-Cité.

People I have worked with in research and public outreach: Jack Grieve; Guillaume Desagulier; Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus; David Adger.

I was trained at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris–Saclay (2016–2020), where I received a higher education teaching degree in English & linguistics (agrégation, 2019). I then worked as a PhD researcher and teaching fellow at the University of Paris–Cité (2019–2022). I currently teach courses focusing on the syntax/semantics of English nouns, verbs, and complex clauses in a cognitive-functional perspective; English phonetics and phonology; literary translation from English to French; preparation for the oral exams of the agrégation in English; and I am in charge of a research seminar focusing on elements in Cognitive Linguistics and Construction Grammar.

This website provides a summary of my research, as well as updates and means of getting in touch.

Thank you for your visit! 

– Cameron Morin