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My non-academic interests include reading, playing folk music (especially Scottish & Irish styles on the mandolin), films and TV series, video games, walking, discovering new languages, and vinyl collecting.

Flowers of Edinburgh, 07/11/20

I am founder and admin of Le Quatrième Mur (The Fourth Wall), a Facebook (and now Instagram!) page sharing highlights in cinema, literature, and music, since 2013.

My philosophical positions are close to the analytic tradition, especially Quine‘s idea that a solid epistemology on a continuum with the sciences is desirable in the treatment of a given question. This probably implies a complex unity of science in a realist perspective (to be discussed as done by Putnam); for which the natural and mathematical sciences provide a promising model. At the same time, I am a proponent of theoretical and philosophical pluralism generally, due to my experience with linguistics, its challenges, and its controversies.