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  • [Interview] Morin, Cameron. Linguistic Horizons: rare dialect syntax in Construction Grammar. Babel.
  • [Article] Morin, Cameron. Double modals in Scots: a speaker’s choice hypothesis. In Baranzini, Laura & Louis de Saussure, Cahiers Chronos, TBA.
  • [Review] Morin, Cameron. Review of Winters, Margaret & Geoffrey Nathan. 2020. Cognitive Linguistics for Linguists. Springer International Publishing, 81 pp. Language & Cognition
  • [Popular science lesson] Morin, Cameron. What is Chomsky’s Universal Grammar? Ted-Ed Lessons, YouTube.
  • [Magazine article] Morin, Cameron. Lives in language: Frank Robert Palmer, 1922–2019. Babel
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron & Jack Grieve. Exploring rare syntax in the digital age: double modals in dialects of English. 6th Meeting of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, University of East Finland.
  • [Review] Morin, Cameron. Review of Aarts, Bas, Jill Bowie & Gergana Popova (eds). 2019. The Oxford Handbook of English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 864 pp. Linguist List.


  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron & Jack Grieve. Fieldwork, corpora, and tailored methods in dialect syntax. Informal Research Group Symposium, University of Freiburg.


  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. Gathering insights into peripheral features of grammar. COLDOC 13th Symposium of PhD Students and Young Researchers, CNRS (MoDyCo) & University of Paris-Nanterre.
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. Towards a unified theory of multiple modals in English. 52nd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europea, University of Leipzig.
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. Intrinsic versus extrinsic perspectives on multiple modal emergence and distribution. 6th Biennial International Conference on the Diachrony of English, University of Amiens.


  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. (Re)creating a Scottish past: Burns and the emergence of national identity in late-18th century Europe. Romanticism and Time, International Conference of the French Society for the Study of English Romanticism, University of Lille.
  • [Conference paper & poster] Morin, Cameron. Sociolinguistic intricacies of multiple modality in the Borders. 18th International Conference of the French Society of Scottish Studies, University of Tours.
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. The importance of folk-linguistic approaches in the study of dialectal phenomena. ExLing 9th Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, University of Paris-Diderot (speaker and programme assistant).
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. From the particular to the universal: the poetic revolution of Robert Burns. 58th Congress of the Société des Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur, University of Paris-Nanterre.
  • [Conference paper] Morin, Cameron. Syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic implications of double modals in Modern Scots. CHRONOS 13th International Conference on Tense, Aspect, Modality, and Evidentiality, University of Neuchâtel.
  • [Invited talk] Morin, Cameron. The Seventh of the Big Six: Burns the revolutionary. Master’s dissertation award ceremony of the French Society for the Study of English Romanticism, University of Paris-Diderot.