I have professional experience in English <=> French translation (academic texts, websites, subtitles, articles and literary excerpts). I am available for new projects as long as they are published and credited.

  • [English translation] Koubaiti, Anas. 2020. Chanel : Through the Looking Glass. Whitelies Magazine 8, 22–51.
  • [French translation] Robinson, Kim Stanley. 2020. Nous voulons des utopies! In Damasio, Alain (ed.), Le Réveil des Imaginaires, Socialter HS 8, 14–17.
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  • [English translation] Charbit, Milena. 2019. To the late Poupounne, Minouchette, Pupuce and Zazie. San Rocco 15: 93–100
  • [English translation] Henochsberg, Miléna & Milena Charbit. 2018. Milena and Miléna in a square office. Los Angeles, 7×7.la.
  • [English subtitles] Laurent, Jeanne-Marie. 2018. Sly2. Paris : Petites chroniques urbaines. Shortlisted for the Urban Film Festival x Urban Art Fair Award, Paris: Carreau du Temple.
  • [English subtitles] Laurent, Jeanne-Marie. 2017. FKDL. Paris : Petites chroniques urbaines.
  • [English website draft] Favand, Jean-Paul. 2017. Paris: Les pavillons de Bercy – Musée des arts forains.
  • [French translation draft] Seifert, Ludovic, Léo Wattebled et al. 2016. Skill transfer specificity shapes perception and action under varying environmental constraints. Human Movement Science 48: 132–41.

I received an Erdős number of 5 in 2020 from my colleague Jack Grieve.

My non-academic interests include reading, playing folk music (especially Scottish & Irish styles), films and TV series, video games, walking, discovering new languages, and vinyl collecting.

Flowers of Edinburgh, 07/11/20

Here’s a short virtual gallery showcasing my instruments!

I am founder and admin of Le Quatrième Mur (The Fourth Wall), a Facebook and Instagram page sharing notes about films, books, and music, since 2013.

My philosophical positions are close to the analytic tradition, especially Quine‘s idea that a solid epistemology on a continuum with the sciences is desirable in the treatment of a given question. This probably implies a complex unity of science in a realist perspective (to be discussed as done by Putnam); for which the natural and mathematical sciences provide a promising model. At the same time, I am a proponent of theoretical and philosophical pluralism generally, due to my experience with linguistics, its challenges, and its controversies.